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About Us



Our business model

1. We are advocating e-wallet payments for the Online & Offline environment, therefore working with the e-wallet providers to bring you additional platform to purchase.

2. We work with suppliers to bring fair prices throughout the whole year. 

There are about 42 e-wallets providers in Malaysia. Instead of being another e-wallet in the market, we want to use e-wallet as the mode of payment at our website. This way we can work with ewallet providers.


Our Fair Price concept is about having a consistent price tag for the same product throughout the year. If you purchase during “Sales” more often than not, you may still have the stock in hand, spare to be used in the future. You stock up and reduce your space.


How many times you purchase goods because it’s on offer but not on your financial budget?


But if you are able the product you need as when they are finished, not only you will not need extra space for storage, you can also save your money. Think about it.


Think about it. Buying during sales, actually you are financing others.